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Tue., Mar 27

HUF 08:00 AM Interest Rate Decision
HUF 08:00 AM Monetary Policy Meeting
Thu., Mar 29

CHF 03:00 AM KOF Swiss Leading Indicator
HUF 03:00 AM Trade Balance
Fri., Mar 30

CHF 03:00 AM Financial Account Balance - BoP
CHF 03:00 AM Capital Account Balance - BoP
CHF 03:00 AM Current Account Balance - BoP
Mon., Apr 02

CHF 03:30 AM SVME - Purchasing Manager Index
Tue., Apr 03

CHF 03:15 AM Retail Sales (Y-o-Y)
Thu., Apr 05

CHF 03:15 AM CPI (Y-o-Y)

US Eastern Time

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